Monday, 5 November 2012

Nursery :)

Since i dont know if bubs is a boy or girl i had to go neutral, the colours are a little funky in these photos because i had to use flash there wasnt enough natural light so the yellow is quite bright but its not in real life :)

This is the crib and Nursing chair / reading corner, thats books on the shelves on the wall ... we looked at rocking chairs but i hated them, but i love this tub seat :)

This is the other side of the room, i need to get a photo in that frame, but i was waiting to see if there is a good one of Hamish from our maternity shoot, if not ill just use one we already have of the spamster :)

I painted a couple of pictures for the wall, because i wanted the nursery to be different so these are my Hamish portraits :)

sorry the flash was a pain

and here are some monsters ive knitted for bubs

This is the crib bedding, and i know i wont use the bumpers with bubs in the bed, but they look great!

I was a little worried about going for walks, Hamish is getting old now, he was 10 last month and he has diabetes, so he cant walk as far as he used to, i was delighted when i realized he will fit into the shopping basket of the buggy and i can walk and when he gets tired he can jump in there and we can walk home :) :) so he wont miss out on walks!!!

And just because hes that cute, he LOVES carrots, would KILL For them!!! so whenever we are putting shopping away into the fridge he always gets a couple, isnt he cute!!

Oh and Barry is pretty cute too :) xx

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  1. Love, love, love these photos Jemma!! And loving your Hamish inspired artwork and the whole room tbh.

    Otto was just like his cousin Hamish and would also kill for carrots- as soon as we would start chopping them he'd come scampering into the kitchen waiting for some!